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Animal Crossing!

Back to your regularly scheduled happy content 🌟


One of my favorite hobbies/hyperfixations is Animal Crossing New Horizons. I was off it for a while, as I've been (finally) playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time (somebody help me with Roxas ;o;), but I'm back and wanted to share some of my highlights. :P

Welcome to Cinnabar Island, which is Pokemon themed because with a name like that, it's the law ✌🏻

Bonus: Mystery Dungeon reference. If you know, you know. 🤗

And a few favorites from HHP:

When I got my Pascal card, I didn't know what his theme should be besides a bunch of Scallops, but I knew it needed to be awesome.

So naturally...

He gets to be Misty.

(Important note: metal music is playing on this floor.)

Kapp'n. My dude. My guy.

And the fact that he brings the whole fam just-

It's a crime that you can't have his glorious songs playing in the background.

And lastly…


Her name's Faith

So I had to

(The first floor was heavily inspired by another one I saw, but I can't remember who it was, so 😭 sorry.)

If anyone wants to visit my island, my dream code is DA-6425-3098-8991 ^o^

And HHP is RA-3753-3158-0544

Happy crossing, friends ✨

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