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About the Author


The Serious One:


Miya Sae (MEE-yuh SAI) was diagnosed with autism at age 26. She gave her life to God after a miraculous encounter and has been actively pursuing Him ever since. Miya is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in social work. She is continually learning how to navigate the world as a neurodivergent Christian in a joyful manner, and aspires to help others do the same.  She believes in fighting shame that often comes with religious legalism and replacing it with Christ and who He is. Miya strives to contribute to bridging the neglected gap between autism and Christianity.

The Fun One:

Forever a Pokemon master at heart, Miya loves to dream, write, explore ideas and occasionally make amateur-level fanart. She will infodump about her special interests if you let her. When she’s not creating content, she is usually watching anime, gaming or snuggling with her cats. SpongeBob references are a common occurrence. She loves God, having faith discussions and learning new things. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and their two feline children, Nebby and Mochi.

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