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Welcome in!

Neurodivergent Author Helping Bridge the Gap Between Autism and Christianity

Hi! I'm Miya, your local neurodivergent Christian.✨

You know what I think?

🤍 Autism is a beautiful thing to be respected and validated.

🤍 Special interests are the coolest.

🤍 God is good and loves our brains.

I'm one who believes in openly talking about these things. 

If you aren't autistic yourself, I can almost guarantee that there are autistic adults in your life, even if you don't realize it. They might be friends, family, colleagues, classmates, or fellow church members. Many of us become good maskers, and don't always fit into the box of stereotypes.

Though it's not often talked about, being neurodivergent often means not fitting into the typical Christian mold. But that doesn't make us any less valid as Christ followers.

Did you know?

Even the simple act of listening to an autistic person and supporting their content helps to fight the stigma. If you're here now, you are helping, and I'm grateful.

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Stay tuned for updates on my book!

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